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MAIL ordinary letters: after inquiring by e-mail of what suits best, please use one of theses addresses
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Benin: Georges Adeagbo, Stephan Köhler 08 BP 537, Cotonou, Rep. of Benin
(note: even air-mail can take three weeks. In urgent cases please use DHL or FeralExpress)

further websites:  basic information about our non profit organization for cultural exchange studio and residence facilities for artists and researchers in Japan and Benin texts on archaeology  on the work of Georges Adeagbo, Roman Opalka and James Lee Byars

The Logo of jointadventures is derived from a carving by 'Kaynuan',
senior storyteller of the Rukai tribe in the southern mountains of Taiwan.
It represents the synchronization of the individual dancers' rhythm by
interweaving their hands crosswise.

Jointadventures launches and facilitates programs which lead to transcultural
understanding and reviewing clusters of unverified assumptions by simply serving as an
interface and catalyst between individuals and institutions of differing provenance. The
activities encompass what seems a rather wide, almost scattered range, however stipulate
all the same instructive goals for the continuity of cultural diversity.

-the coordination of exhibition tours for entire museum collections (Kunstmuseum
Bonn’s August Macke collection in Japan)

-the planning and financing of artist’s participation at global events (Georges Adéagbo at
the Venice Biennale 1999)

-representing an artist’s œuvre in a new environment or bringing it back to its source,
including the creation of accompanying material in local languages. (Japan: Roman
Opalka’s and Georges Adéagbo’s debut, installation of Ulrich Rueckriem’s sculptures,
James Lee Byars first museum acquisition and exhibition, )

-the compiling of an archive of images and recorded interviews with artists and vehicles
of disappearing oral traditions.

-on a modest scale, supporting an ethnic minority (the Rukai of SouthernTaiwan) by
channelling information about their creative vitality and rich traditions as they manifest
through music, carving and textiles.

- assistance to find for artworks the optimum context in which they can unfold their
potential and, on the other hand, help to prevent the up rooting of objects which should
stay where they are.

For the time being, the only base of Jointadventures is in Japan, however a forum for
interdisciplinary studies is under construction on the coast of Benin, Western Africa, and
will open in the near future.

The activities are privately financed by re-distributing the income from commercial
projects to those which need seed money to be launched.

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